At MERA, we like to get straight to the point;

We offer technology for condition monitoring of hydraulic assets, utilizing predictive condition data algorithms to optimize asset maintenance and performance.

We address the need for condition monitoring in a large and fast growing global market within the offshore, shipping, industry and energy sectors.

We have established a presence in the oil & gas and commercial shipping industry for condition based maintenance.

We are the first company in the market with field proven technology that can offer a complete and integrated system that monitors the condition of all hydraulic power units and individual components, giving the user live and historical performance data for their critical systems.

Who we are:

A core group of highly motivated & capable employees.

Where we live:

In Haugesund (main office) and Sandnes, Norway.

Where we work:

All over the world!

When we work:

24/7 – since 2008.


Our vision is simple. «To establish a new standard within condition monitoring». 

In order to do that we need to be at the forefront of fluid monitoring technology, so that we can detect and prevent potential problems faster and with greater precision than our competitors. By combining our own groundbreaking inventions with the very best technology the market has to offer, we have been able to realize our vision to the benefit of our prestigious and rapidly growing customer base.


With MERA’s condition monitoring system, the hydraulic fluids are analyzed continually in operation. Our Early Warning System alerts you to any potential problems in time for you to react. The system was designed to reduce the need for on-site resources and maintenance, while keeping life cycle costs down.

It is easy to implement, easy to use and keeps costs, downtime and environmental impact to a minimum.