What is HPFS/FFU?

High Pressure Filtration System – HPFS

Technology for circulation and filtration of high pressure fluids used in riser tensioning and motion compensating systems in operation. The design complies with BS-EN, DNV-OS-E101 and relevant ATEX- & API directives/guidelines.


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Fluid particle contamination can drop life expectancy on seals, gaskets, wear bands and cylinders. Keeping the hydraulic fluid up to spec is hard to obtain and in many situations. Today the equipment must be shut down in order to perform a full particle filtration of the hydraulic fluid. This is not only time consuming, but also dramatically Single fluid pump eliminates risk of lubricant contaminating system fluid.

  • No critical tie-ins (connections) in areas hard to access
  • Easy to connect, start-up and operate thanks to mechanical design
  • Uses existing HPU/hydraulic ring line for power-up
  • Twin filter configuration to each cylinder line, high dirt holding capacity
  • Integrated pump and filter by-pass
  • In operation filling & calibration feature
  • Isolated twin skid operation
  • No risk of filter component migration
  • Reduced main system LCC (life cycle cost)
  • Design is compatible with the systems of all major drilling equipment manufacturers
  • Maintains standby circulation to prevent corrosion due to inhibitor additives settling reduces the number of operating days, with subsequent loss.