What is IMS?

Our Intelligent hydraulic condition monitoring system IMS® gives you a real-time readout of your hydraulic system condition, critically reducing operational costs and downtime. The IMS™ profile method is patent pending and is combining fluid specifics with system generated and environmental loads for closed and open systems. The IMS™ system utilize predictive condition data algorithms to work to optimize your asset maintenance and performance.


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Data provided by IMS™ gives the client the ability to trend system condition over time and detect unwanted changes at an early stage. The IMS™ system is compatible with hydraulic oils, gear oils and water glycol based fluids. The IMS™ system

Areas of integration:

  • Hydraulic Power Units – HPUs
  • Drilling related hydraulic systems
  • Cranes
  • Subsea module handling systems
  • Gear and thruster systems
  • Hydraulic applications in general