What is iPack?

The iPACK™ is a fully instrumented filter cart for maintenance of hydraulic and gear oils.

The iPACK™ unit gives the user an easy to use tool for filtration and transfer/filling tasks. Removes both particle contamination and water. Rigid and durable construction that requires minimum of operator time and maintenance due to its high degree of instrumentation. The iPACK™ also offers smart functionality that will perform filtering autonomously based on operator defined parameters which ensures that the cleanliness specifications are within specified limits.


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  • Minimal use of valuable operator time – automatic shutdown and bypass functionality
  • Ideal as commissioning tool for new and refurbished oil filled systems
  • Optimal filtration and no effect on additive packages
  • Reduced HPU LCC
  • Extended fluid lifetime
  • Multi fluid systems
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Small footprint & Easy to operate
  • Non cellulose filters
  • Easy tie in to all systems –plug n play
  • Fixed and mobile versions available
  • Handles volumes up 18 000 liters